Management Education for the World: A Vision for Business Schools Serving People and Planet (book)

Dr. Katrin Muff  (Business School Lausanne, Switzerland), Dr. Thomas Dyllick  (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), Mark Drewell  (The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Foundation, Belgium), John North (University of Pretoria, South Africa), Paul Shrivastava  (Concordia University, Canada), and Jonas Haertle  (PRME Secretariat, UN Global Compact Office) in association with the GRLI Foundation published their book Management Education For the World: A Vision For Business Schools Serving People and Planet. It presents a vision for the transformation of management education in service of the common good and explains how such a vision can be implemented in practice.

The book explores the 21st century agenda of management education, identifying three fundamental goals: educating and developing globally responsible leaders, enabling business organizations to serve the common good, and engaging in the transformation of business and the economy. The authors say about the book that “It is a clarion call of service to society for a sector lost between the interests of faculty, business and the schools themselves at the expense of people and planet. It sees business education stepping up to the plate with the ability of holding and creating a space to provide responsible leadership for a sustainable world embodied in the central and unifying element of the 50+20 vision, the collaboratory.”

>> The book is available for purchase online via the Edward Elgar Publishing Website or Amazon