At BSL, we collaborate with companies, NGOs and entrepreneurs both in Switzerland and across the globe to provide their employees with professional development opportunities, as well as ensuring a solid network for our students.

Sponsoring talent

Professional development is considered crucial for talent retention and career advancement, therefore we invite companies to explore our range of Executive and Continuous education courses that vary, in duration, from 2 days to 18 months. To understand more about corporate fees and our tailor-made executive workshops/trainings, Executive Education, and Professional Development Programs get in touch today.

Guest speakers

We like to engage companies’ best speakers in Guest Speaking Sessions in our classes and at events, which are the ideal environments for sharing knowledge, challenges and inspiring success stories. This provides our students with complementary perspectives on various business opportunities. We frequently include a number of BSL Alumni among our Guest Speakers.

Recruiting at our Business School

Should you wish to recruit on our Campus, we are happy to reserve a space for you and coordinate communication with the students. For any questions or requests about the Careers Center, internships and recruiting directly at Business School Lausanne, please contact Daniele Ticli (Careers, Alumni and Industry Relations) at


Careers Center

The BSL Careers Center is a free-of-charge centralized place where Career Services, Alumni, Companies, and students are able to post different opportunities in the best interests of student employability.

Whether you represent a start-up, an SME, an NGO or a big corporation, we invite you to create a page on our Careers Portal, providing you with access to our talent pool and giving you exposure across the student body and Alumni network. Added to this, with your own page, you will be able to upload jobs, internships and volunteer positions as well as advertise your own networking events.

Company visits

Students appreciate the opportunity to see how a real work environment functions especially when the visits are part of academic courses. And we’re pleased to say many companies help us give them this perspective. Click here to see more about our company visits.

Tailor-made internships

We encourage companies to get in touch with Business School Lausanne for internship opportunities they wish to offer business students. At BSL you will have access to a selection of students in various business areas, including those with responsible leadership and entrepreneurship-related competencies. Together, we work on developing branded Internships, where we envision interns being exposed to many sides of the business and working on their own Responsible Management capacity. Click here to see an example of tailor-made internship.