Olivia Grebler and the Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program Ecocook®

Olivier Grebler, Founder and Director of the “Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program Ecocook®recently talked to Master of International Business students studying "Project Management" at BSL.

Ms Grebler talked of her personal experience in developing this innovative idea. She shared her motivations and how the idea first came about as well as the development and challenges of the project, and the current success and future of the Ecocook program.

Read more of her journey below!

Significantly sensitive and sensitively stubborn!

But not always (fortunately!)

It is thanks to both my deep sensitivity to ecological and environmental issues, as well as to my passion for cooking and gastronomy, that today I feel extremely happy and privileged.

Privileged, because I am passionate about my professional activities, and because they are the result of my principles, responsibility believes, and 10 years international career.

As a Swiss citizen, living in Barcelona, and very attached to my family and friends, I didn’t doubt a single minute to follow the Chemistry and Environmental Science program at Boston University (BU) when I received my admission from them, BU having of one of the best Chemistry and Environmental science programs.

Once my suitcase ready, there I was, heading to the USA for almost 5 years. It is there that I had the opportunity to teach chemistry, and do research in green chemistry. Organization, methodology, precision, determination, patience…. I learned so many values, competences and know-how.

After my diploma and a series of questions for which I didn’t have any answers, I decided to complete my university Bachelors with a master’s degree in environmental engineering at the EPFL. I learned to develop a practical and global approach to issues linked to the environment and the different solutions existing in the market.

It is during my internship as environmental consultant at the Battelle Institute that I found my first answer: I want to work in sustainability consulting.

After many years in certification and environmental consulting, I got married to 3* Michelin Chef, with who I share my passion for cooking.

Then, I worked with a restaurant chain that wanted to certificate his efforts regarding their sustainable practices.  After a detailed market research, I realized that no « sustainable restaurant » certification existed. Here is my second great answer: I want to develop a « sustainable restaurant » certification and work exclusively for the hospitality and catering sector.

That is when I founded the Ecocook® certification program to help the food sector to reduce costs and environmental impacts, and to guarantee their sustainable practices. Ecocook® is the result of my own passions, which have always been cooking and sustainability, for people’s health and our planet’s.

Learn more about Ecocook at www.ecocook.com

Olivia Grebler

Age: 35 years old
Place of residence: Lausanne (VD)
University Education: Environmnental Ingineer Dipl. EPFL
Bachelor in chemistry and bachelor in environmental science  (Boston University)
Current position: Founder and Director of the Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program Ecocook®
Contact: olivia.grebler@biolia.ch