GAPFRAME week at BSL: Closing the Governance GAP

The fourth BSL GAPFRAME Week kicked off on June 19th. BSL students, faculty and guests joined forces to focus on the Governance dimension. One of the most difficult and least tackled areas of sustainability, this dimension covers challenging issues such as Public Finance, Structural Resilience, Peace and Cooperation, Business Integrity and Transparency.

For over two and a half days, these issues were pulled apart, challenged and solutions were envisioned and prototyped in animated groups. Once the GAP was fully explored, groups took time to brainstorm and work towards concrete solutions. On Thursday the walls of BSL pulsed with music, indicating the Frenzy sessions had started. This was the time for groups to share ideas, listen to feedback and stand-up to challenges. A week of innovation, interaction, introspection and hard work delivered 7 business cases dedicated to closing the Governance GAP.

A big thanks to our students, staff, faculty and especially our distinguished guests: Amanda Loeffen, CEO  of the NGO Waterlex, Anne Gloor, Founder and Board member of the PeaceNexus Foundation, Jean Pierre Mean, Anti-Corruption Expert, Eigenmann Associates,  Andrea Iff, Senior Professional, Governance Unit, Swiss Agency for Development and Tania Braga, Head of Legacy for the International Olympic Committee.