Evolving towards truly sustainable hotels through a “well-being” lens

A book chapter, written by BSL’s Dean Dr. Katrin Muff and Doctorate Candidate Gülen Hashmi, was included in the recently published “Sustainability in Hospitality” book by Greenleaf Publishing.

The chapter – Evolving towards truly sustainable hotels through a “well-being” lens – aims to provide hotels, academia and students with a multidimensional sustainability grid, the S-WELL (sustainability for well-being), which represents different types of hotel sustainability as phases of an evolutionary process. The S-WELL focuses on competitive sustainability strategies and sustainable hotel practices, based on a model with two axes: the vertical axis is built on the hotel’s need to manage the business with an economic concern while simultaneously building a competitive advantage through external concerns that derive from sustainability challenges. The horizontal axis looks at the hotel’s need to create shareholder value while also contributing to societal value creation aimed at well-being. The four quadrants that represent different types of hotel sustainability are compliance, CSR, managing for the TBL and societal well-being, respectively. The S-WELL is an analytical tool for understanding and challenging hotel sustainability strategies and practices to benefit society at large.

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