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The Competency Assessment for Responsible Leadership (CARL) is now being released for full free public usage after a beta test that allowed calibrating the online tool addressing issues related to social desirability, which are typical for such surveys.

The latest version is currently available in English and German languages by clicking on the link below:

Take the online CARL survey

The survey takes approx. 5 minutes and needs to be taken without interruption. Once completed, each participant receives a personalized assessment report which includes an overview of the competencies as well as suggestions for learning and improvement in specific areas. Feel free to test the tool yourself first and to share the survey widely among those in your communities who may have an interest in testing and using it.

Volunteers for language further translations are gratefully accepted please contact to contribute.


Survey FAQs

“I’m stuck and can’t proceed, so I can’t complete the test.”
Have you tried to just start the test from anew? If it still doesn’t work, are you using your keyboard to press “I” and “E”, or are you trying to click on “I” and “E” on your screen with the mouse? The latter won’t work. If that still does not solve your problem, please try to complete the survey on a different device, potentially with a different browser.

“My evaluation must be incorrect, it’s basically all red.”
There are essentially two possibilities how this can happen: a) You simply do not qualify as a responsible leader, or b) you took too long to answer the questions. Remember that the test takes into account your reaction times. Therefore, we would suggest that you simply do the test again, and answer the questions as quickly as possible by indicating your intuitive responses (first reactions), as only this way of completing the test will provide you with useful information about your true underlying set of skills and attitudes regarding responsible leadership.

“The test is way too sensitive. I’m sure I pressed the wrong button here and there, so I guess my results are flawed.”
The test is based on the assessment of reaction times, which necessarily makes the test more sensitive compared to a Likert-scale based survey, for instance. However, the advantage is that you get a more nuanced and honest picture of your skills and attitudes regarding responsible leadership. If you think you made too many mistakes by pressing the wrong button, we would suggest that you simply do the test again.

“I can only press “Agree” or “Disagree” while more nuanced answers are not possible. This test is surely not sensitive enough to reflect my skills and attitudes, as it is more like a black-or-white assessment, ignoring shades of grey. ”
The test is based on the assessment of reaction times while correcting for reading speed. Hence, the result of your answer to a particular question is not dichotomous, but a fine grained score indicating the extent to which your agreed or disagreed to a particular statement, resulting in a more nuanced reflection of your skills and attitudes than standard survey questions could provide you with.