Campus Culture


Student diversity

Our international student body is comprised of more than 60 nationalities, thus creating a dynamic, cross-cultural learning environment. BSL celebrates diversity through the variety of educational and professional backgrounds, languages spoken and age groups of students and faculty.

Family-like atmosphere

Studying in a family-like atmosphere, BSL’s students develop a strong sense of community and build life-long friendships with fellow peers and faculty members. The sharing of thoughts, ideas and perspectives is extended beyond the classroom through participation in extracurricular activities, informal gatherings and circles of interest. BSL creates a smaller, student-centered and caring community which increases the support and engagement of students in their learning experience.

Social and cultural activities

Students build on the BSL network by participating in various events hosted by the school each year as well as by initiating their own activities and projects.

The BSL experience is stimulating and enriching inside and outside the classroom. A series of social and cultural activities are organized by BSL and the Student Council throughout the year: Diversity & Culture Days, ski weekend, Swiss fondue dinner, Geneva Lake boat trip, visit of the Montreux Jazz Festival and Christmas Market, summer barbecues,  Christmas party, and many more.

Students often add to their experience in Switzerland by taking external French lessons and exploring the local culture. They also take advantage of the sport and recreational facilities in Lausanne and Switzerland in general.

Student Council

To make your BSL experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, you are encouraged to join the BSL Student Council. The Student Council is the main interface between the BSL student body and the faculty and administration. It provides various opportunities to participate in activities that match your particular interests and have a significant impact on the BSL community. As a member of the Student Council, you will practice professional event management and networking, launch new student initiatives, refine your leadership skills, and make life-long friendships.