Building Sustainable Legacies: Journal Issue 5

Business School Lausanne and Greenleaf Publishing released the fifth edition of Building Sustainable Legacies, a quarterly Journal in Business Sustainability. The journal seeks to provide hands-on, pragmatic and user-friendly research, ideas and case studies as a resource for organizations committed  to implementing sustainability.

This latest issue features three very personal accounts of what sustainability means in business. The three featured authors and emerging thought leaders in the field each tackle a topic of great personal relevance and concern. Each of them brings decades of seasoned business experience in their fields, which has shaped their thinking and their personal ambition for contributing positively to the transformation of business towards sustainability. Yet each of the authors also brings very different perspectives to business sustainability, which makes this issue the broadest and most differentiated issue of our journal to date:

  • Understanding the challenges: The challenge of business sustainability— what it means and what it takes (Urs von Arx, Switerland)
  • Considering different dimensions: The role of the financial sector in securing energy and food supplies in the developing world (Henry Oguine, Luxemburg/Nigeria)
  • Exciting new solutions: A critical appreciation of Appreciative Inquiry in the advancement of sustainable business (Philip Clark, Switzerland)

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