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Building Sustainable Legacies: Special Issue

Building Sustainable Legacies, BSL’s quarterly journal in Business Sustainability, saw a special issue published in April 2015. This special issue, guest edited by Mike Townsend (Earthshine Solutions), looks at what a Sustainable Economy could look like, and brings together key voices in business and academia that show us how to accelerate towards this tipping point by exploring the role that business in society, responsible education, leadership techniques and legal reform will have in shaping the new sustainable economy.

Including contributions from Paul Polman, Dr. Katrin Muff, Beate Sjafjell and Gabriele Zedlmayer, this outstanding collection proposes leading insights and innovative solutions to the challenge of creating new economies that work for people and the planet.

Yolanda Kakabadse, President of WWF International, commented on the journal: “This special edition of the BSL Journal is an enlightening and fascinating read. Changing mindsets is key to moving toward a sustainable global economy. Our mindset is our worldview that makes some things obvious and others hidden from our questioning and reasoning. Good research and analysis – both scientific and behavioural – are so important to raising our awareness and deepening our understanding of the world.”

The journal is free to access online: click here to download the Special Issue.

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April 2015 Issue

Mike Townsend, Earthshine

Redefining Business Purpose: Driving Societal and Systems Transformation
Paul Polman, Unilever

Doing Business in a Well-being Economy
Isabel Sebastian, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

The Role of Business Law in the Jigsaw Puzzle of Sustainability
Beate Sjafjell, University of Oslo, Norway

Exploring a One Planet Mindset and its Relevance in a Transition to a Sustainable Economy
Sally Jeanrenaud, Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno and Nicolas Forsans, University of Exeter, UK

A 2×2 to Change the World
Jill Bamburg, Pinchot University, USA

Changing Directions in Business Education: Knowledge Sharing for Sustainability
Suzanne Benn, Tamsin Angus-Leppan, Melissa Edwards, Paul Brown and Stuart White, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Action Research As A Transformative Force In Management Education: Introducing The Collaboratory
Katrin Muff, Business School Lausanne, Switzerland

Purpose at the Heart of Strategy: Creating a Sustainable Business while Solving the World’s Challenges
Gabriele Zedlmayer, HP


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