BSL Hosts 3rd Edition of Gap Frame Week focusing on World Economy

On 20-24 March, BSL hosted the third edition of Gap Frame Week, an education initiative focused on closing the gap between the current state of the world and the Sustainable Development Goals. The 5-day event gathered 150 students and faculty members from BSL’s Bachelor and Master programs who explored five topics related to sustainability challenges of the economy: employment, resource use, sustainable consumption, sustainable production, and innovation.

Students and faculty worked together in small teams towards the development of innovative solutions and new business models for a more sustainable economy. Participants were involved in plenary sessions where key note speakers from The Good Festival, the World Bank, Barry Callebaut, the WTO, and the Google Innovation Lab shared topic expertise and perspectives. Additionally, all participants experienced innovative design thinking and idea generation processes that prepare them to use unconventional approaches to tackling the world’s complex challenges. Photography from this edition of Gap Frame Week is available here and you can use the hashtag #GapFrameWeek to browse social media content.