BSL Guest Speaker Series: Waqi Munim

Waqi Munim

Founder at Courageous MindLeadership Development for Peak Performance

How would you describe the state of the world today in 3 words?

1) Connected,
2) Volatile
3) Unequal

What is your greatest hope for the future of the world?

The new generation is my hope for a prosperous world.  To manifest this hope into a reality the youth need to take out time to nurture their minds with positive thoughts and affirmations, healthy rituals, meditation, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness to create a Courageous Mind - a mind that is happy, reflective, calm and positive.

A Courageous Mind will help develop heightened self awareness and enables us to connect with our deepest nascent self to break the artificial barriers of limiting paradigms, conditioning, negative thinking and fears to contribute positively in creating a new world full of humanity, love, empathy and service.

Biggest lesson you learnt in your professional life so far?

My greatest learning is that individuals and teams that believe in themselves, are courageous, confident and positive generally do better than those that are fearful, unsure and negative.  The reason is that positive individuals and teams do not allow their minds to be affected by fear, negative thinking and limiting paradigms.  These individuals believe in possibilities instead of limitations and see failures as a natural evolution towards success

The source of all success and failures is the mind.  Nurture the mind to manifest a great life.

What is one piece of advice you want to give to our students?

Invest in the biggest and best brand - YOU.  Take out the time to nurture your mind, skills and personality.  Practice being happy all the time as happiness is not a destination, rather, it should be the normal state of being.  Compete only with yourself and work to make yourself better everyday and in the process positively touch the lives of people who come in touch with you.

Waqi Munim Brief Bio
Present: Founder at Courageous Minds

  • Group Controller and Managing Director, Digital & Adjacent business,  ProsiebenSat1
  • CFO Fabric Care Europe, Procter & Gamble.
  • Worked at P&G for 25 years.

Education: Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with 3 Gold Medals
Interests: Music, Cricket, Workouts, Writing, Speaking at forums and practicing Inner Engineering.