Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL: ACBSP annual edition 2010

Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL

This paper examines how a boutique business school in Switzerland has undertaken a profound program revision based on the input and perspectives of business leaders. It demonstrates how key learning from personally conducted interviews were effectively translated into the school’s MBA curriculum, thereby transforming not only the program but also the way the school interacts with program participants. A detailed account of an ambitious academic revision provides insights into how entrepreneurship can be lived in the academic world. A qualitative survey lies at the core of this study. Conclusions drawn from interviews with more than 30 CEOs and HR Directors, from across all industries, provide findings on how business leaders think about higher education in business. The results highlight their perspective regarding a) how academic programs can add real value in business, b) what business schools should teach more and c) what they should teach less in their MBA programs. The purpose of this paper is to share one school’s experiences and inspire the debate on relevance in business education.

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