BSL Introduces the Gap Frame Weeks

So that we can live better within the limits of our beautiful and bountiful planet, we urgently need creative solutions. There is a substantial gap between where we are now, in terms of resolving environmental, societal, economic and governance challenges, and where we need to be: our “ideal” state. Only innovative thinking and societal shifts away from “business as usual” – or traditional business models – will take us there.

Business School Lausanne’s Gap Frame research is helping the world to realize just how far we are from closing this gap and resolving the 24 major issues related to Environmental, Societal, Economic and challenges identified in the research. The world needs courageous leaders to step forward, collaborate with other stakeholders and co-create solutions by generating ideas to be actioned.

So our BSL Gap-Frame weeks are about students, faculty, CEOs, managers, NGOs, thought leaders and citizens gathering together and confronting these issues “head-on” in more ways than one.

BSL will run a series of 4 Gap Frame Weeks, as follows:

Our first Gap Frame week will focus on the theme of “Environment” with participants working in groups, with 8 teams working on 8 issues:

1. Species
2. Climate
3. Oceans
4. Land
5. Air
6. Water
7. Energy and
8. Waste

But that is not all: the highlights and major findings of the week will then be gathered in the form of the new annual BSL publication Closing the Sustainability Gap. Think of it; a publication co-created by all the stakeholders who have participated! Be a co-author in this ambitious endeavor!
For more information, and to register for the first Gap frame week, starting October 3rd, 2016, please download the program.