BSL Launches Impact Index for Sustainable Companies

BSL participants in the one-year executive program in sustainability – Diploma in Sustainable Business (joint program with University of St. Gallen), work on the development and implementation of an Impact Index to capture the public’s opinion on which companies are perceived as sustainable. The team of four participants – Arjen van der Meer (Netherlands), Daniella Savic (Switzerland), Karime Abib (Brazil), and Muriel Archer (Canada) – carries out the project as part of their program studies.

What is this project about: Impact Index is ratio of approval based on  a survey where the public is invited to provide their perception about which companies are operating in sustainable way and which are not. The project team  focused the survey on the foods sector.

The user is invited to vote from an existing list of companies. He or she can access, through links, some information regarding such companies on their official sites.

Results of such survey will be made available regularly at this site. Do you want to participate? Click here to complete the survey. 

Why should you engage in this initiative? Watch the video below.

As part of their project assignment, the consulting team of students organized a 1-day conference Reducing Consumer Food Waste in Switzerland on 6 May 2014 at the IUCN Conservation Centre in Gland. The event was hosted as a “collaboratory” (see – an open-space method designed to  generate innovative solutions to transdisciplinary problems such as food waste. Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL, enabled the multi-stakeholder dialogue for the group of 40 concerned stakeholders representing the food industry, business, civil society, academia and research.

Read more about the event.