BBA student reaches remarkable performance in trading competition

Second-year BBA student Mehrsa Masaeli delivered an unprecedented +127.39% performance in a 2-month trading competition organized by the BSL Investment Club.

The trading competition, organized by BSL’s Investment Club, was an opportunity for BSL students, alumni, and professors to put into practice fundamental and technical analysis trading skills. As a two-month contest, finding the right opportunities and taking risks was vital for securing a position on the podium.

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It is the first time in the Investment Club’s history that a student has achieved such a performance. Mehrsa, who also participates in the management of the Club’s theoretical fund, attributes the performance achieved to the combination of tracking momentum factors across stocks and plenty of luck. As the winner of this term’s contest, she wins a pair of AirPods Pro for securing first place.

Mehrsa’s performance was outstanding, but other participants also made it to the podium with impressive performances. The Master’s student, Christian Wolff, achieved a performance of +40.23%, followed by BSL’s professor Jan Erik Meidell with +10.47%. Christian won a one-year license to the Bloomberg Market Concepts course, and Jan Erik won a gift card from Audible.

This competition was the fourth organized by the BSL Investment Club since inception in December 2020. Over the past two years, the club hosted 12 in-person and online events, welcomed 23 financial market experts from 5 different continents, and has acquired 61 members. 

The Club has welcomed renowned guest speakers such as: Jan Erik Meidell, Luiz Razia, Anand Batepati, Marc Defilippi, Nathan Chiron, Greg Shaheen, David Teruzzi, Cyrus Fazel, Fabiana Maiorano, Sergey Sander, Stefano Gianti, Beat Affolter, James Gifford, Gregory Chevalley, Sara Garcia, Giovanna Cardone, Daniele Ticli, Anna Chilton, Rupert Davies, Charles-Henry Monchau, Pablo Astengo, Diellza Kolloni, and Artan Rexha.

João Dassoler
Co-founder of the BSL Investment Club