Assessment of potentials and limitations in valuation of externalities

Download the full report: Assessment of potentials and limitations in valuation of externalities 

Munif Mohammed, Doctoral candidate at  Business School Lausanne, is a co-editor of the “Assessment of potentials and limitations in valuation of externalities” report recently published by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


This study was conducted by COWI on behalf of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in December 2013 through January 2014. Doctorate candidate and CFO Munif Mohammed was included as a COWI sub-consultant. The study included both desk studies and workshops with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

The report’s discussion and proposed initiatives to enhance the use of environmental profit and loss accounts (EP&L accounts) are, among others, based on bilateral discussion with major Danish companies and national and international institutions having an interest in developing and implementing methods for valuating environmental impacts at company level of production and consumption of goods and services.

In parallel with this project COWI met with representatives from various companies and public authorities to understand business needs when it comes to valuation og externalities. Due to confidentiality aspects findings are not specifically described in this report, but recommendations are in line with the findings. A detailed description of recommended initiatives is developed during February 2014.