BSL has more than 30 years of experience in developing well-rounded and responsible leaders who make a significant contribution to their organizations and communities around the world.

Our global network of alumni connects about 1500 alumni from over 50 nationalities. A large portion of them have become entrepreneurs and successfully launched their own businesses; others have chosen corporate careers in multinationals like UBS, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bulgari, IBM, Nestlé, DHL, Accenture, Syngenta, Caterpillar and countless others.

As a result of an intense learning experience in small classes, BSL graduates have built a tight network that supports their continuous personal and professional growth.

Alumni Mentoring Program

The objectives of the Program are to connect experienced Alumni with current BSL students (in the last phase of their studies) to mentor and advise them on their future career and their personal and professional development.

Mentors provide sound advice, expertise and coaching to students who are preparing to launch their careers successfully. Click here to access the full description of this program.

Meetings and gatherings

Alumni traditionally attend BSL’s annual graduation ceremony. This provides them with a great opportunity to reconnect with fellow peers and faculty members. The event takes place each July in Lausanne and an invitation is sent to all alumni.

Start a local Alumni chapter

BSL supports initiatives by Alumni to start a local chapter in their country of residence. BSL can support you with this initiative.

Keep learning with BSL

BSL provides its Alumni with various opportunities for lifelong learning. Graduates are eligible for post-graduate courses at reduced rates and can choose between different executive programs. Continuing with your education allows you to keep up with the latest developments and research on relevant business topics.

Be a Guest speaker at BSL

Becoming a guest speaker in your area of expertise at BSL is the best way to reconnect to the academic community in an environment that feels familiar and comfortable. It is also the perfect introduction to lecturing at university level. Presenting to a BSL class allows you to build brand awareness for your organization among a select group of talented and ambitious students.

LinkedIn Group

Join BSL’s Alumni group on LinkedIn here.

Meet the BSL Alumni President Lena Koropey

Upon earning her MBA at Business School Lausanne, Lena Koropey founded Gramercy Protocol, a New York-based business etiquette consultancy.  Ms. Koropey provides strategic business etiquette and communication skills counsel to Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs, representing some of the world’s most respected brands.  Her customized executive training programs focus on enhancing professional skills in Networking, Presentation and Public Speaking, Media Training, Personal Brand Image, Dining Etiquette, and International Protocol.

Ms. Koropey brings over ten years of marketing communications, brand management, and public relations experience to Gramercy Protocol.  She has worked with distinguished brands such as Mercedes-Benz, smart and Voss water.  Lena’s business background and knowledge of the luxury sector, travel, fashion, and design, brings a unique perspective to the etiquette and protocol industry.

Learn more about Lena.

Alumni Hall of Fame

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in 2012, Business School Lausanne introduced the Alumni Hall of Fame. The Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes and honors alumni who have made exceptional contributions in their chosen field and have made a difference to their communities. BSL alumni were awarded in four main categories:

  1. Successful Entrepreneur
  2. Contribution to a Sustainable Future
  3. Innovator in their field
  4. Significant Contribution to Community

The Alumni Hall of Fame 2012 Award Recipients are introduced through a personal video message below.

Innovator Award - Paul Binsfeld

Successful Entrepreneur Award – Oliver Bienek

Contribution to Sustainable Future Award – Oliver Ernst

Significant Contribution to Community Award – Cosmas Zavazava

Significant Contribution to Community Award – Philippe Hirsiger