Access to BSL Talent

Global and local companies need to strategically embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure their present and future success; this is more and more evident today. Yet many of them do not have the internal capacity, knowledge, ability or courage to do so. What is the next best step?

Responsible Leadership Internship Program

The Responsible Leadership Internship Program aims at placing the most inspired and competent students in a 10-week project within companies that have the ambition to progress in their contribution to the SDGs.

Students will join such companies in a team of 3 to 5 from different schools and supervised by an Academic Project Manager provided by a partner Institution. Their goal is to complete the assigned project objectives and ensure the company’s progress in embracing the SDGs. Companies will be required to provide an ambitious (and feasible) project for the students to work on.

General Internship opportunities

Whether you are a start-up, a large company or an NGO, you are welcome to get in touch with Business School Lausanne to access a selection of BSL students for internships and jobs in business areas where sustainability, responsibility and entrepreneurship-related competencies are needed. Together, we will work on developing branded Internships, where we envision interns being exposed to the many sides of your business and working on their Responsible Management capacity.

MBA Mentoring Program

As part of our philosophy, we believe that ‘business should lead change’. With the MBA Mentoring Program we create the soil for fruitful opportunities for both MBA students and companies. The idea is to reinforce CSR within your organization and create a sense of responsibility. At the same time MBAs would gain valuable development support from experienced leaders and executives to help fulfill career and professional goals.

For any questions about corporate partnerships, internships and mentoring programs please contact Daniele Ticli at