Master in International Business (MIB)


The Master of Arts in International Business (MIB) at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland, equips you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the dynamic and global business environment of today and tomorrow.

Program Options

MIB Classic with Project Management

This option has been designed in alignment with the requirements for IPMI certifications .You will gain comprehensive and in-depth specialist project and program management knowledge required to complete the IPMA (International Project Management Association) Level D® certification to be recognized as a “Certified Project Management Associate”.

MIB Global Business

This option includes a 6-month international study experience at the Business School of Renmin University of China in Beijing, China. This option is a valuable addition to the BSL Master’s programs and provides you with the opportunity to travel, add a global perspective, and gain a broader view of the world while studying for your degree. Transfer of credits may be possible depending on selection of courses taken at the Renmin University. All classes are given in English.

MIB Hybrid Digital – Data Analyst

Our Hybrid Digital option will make you a “translator” who can create value by bridging technology and business.

This option has been designed by Udacity.com “working closely with expert data analysts and scientists at leading technology companies, and in partnership with hiring managers to ensure you emerge from your degree program with the skills and talents these companies are seeking” (Udacity.com, 2016). Making sense of big data is an incredibly needed skill today and in the future. Multiple industries including finance, banking, insurance, tourism, industrial production and many others have explicitly expressed their need for more business graduates with such competencies. BSL Professors and Facilitators will ensure you will be able to apply the online learning in a dynamic and interactive classroom setting.


What makes this Master’s program different?

At BSL, we get to know you. We combine small class size and industry expertise to provide a different learning experience – personalized, practical, and engaging. Our MIB program offers:

  • Real Business Knowledge: BSL professors are not just academics; they are seasoned and currently active business professionals who bring real-life experience into the classroom every day.
  • Personalized Learning: Small classes of up to 20 students ensure a personalized teaching approach and create a highly dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  • International network: Over 60 nationalities are represented by BSL’s student body and faculty, allowing you to develop an important global network for life.
  • Beyond business as usual: Our master’s programs take unconventional approach that broadens the mind beyond the traditional teaching of business, entrepreneurship, management and finance.
  • Leadership development: The MIB program combines subject knowledge in key areas of international business with courses enhancing students’ interpersonal skills for effective leadership and management.
Who is it for?

The MIB program is well suited for recent bachelor graduates with 0 to 3 years of professional experience who wish to continue their studies before entering the work force. The MIB helps to bridge the gap between graduating with a bachelor’s degree with little or no work experience, and securing employment.

To learn more about the current master’s class, download the 2015 class profile.

How long does it take?

The program takes 18 months to complete. There are two intakes per year: September and February.



Last seats available for February 2017: download our brochure about our Master in Switzerland or request information.