Master of Arts in International Business:

  • You want to study business and are more interested in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation
  • You are less familiar with finance, economics and math studies
  • You want to acquire management and leadership skills, and develop a strong business acumen
  • You are interested in studying a range of disciplines covering the cornerstones of  international business
  • You aim to build a career in business, in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, strategy, or international trade


Master of Science in International and Sustainable Finance:

  • You want to study finance and are more interested in numbers, models and concepts
  • You want to combine your master’s with preparation for the CFA* Level I exam
  • You are interested in discovering the linkages between finance and sustainability 
  • You wish to acquire advanced quantitative and analytical skills
  • You envisage a career in the financial sector or financial management: banking, insurance, wealth management, auditing, financial and tax consulting, etc.


*CFA is a registered trademark of the CFA Institute