Summer 2012 – From BBA to Master in International Business

In the current economic climate, many graduates are finding the job market very competitive. Employers are demanding higher qualifications of their employees and there are more university graduates than ever to compete with. Safinaz Hedayat is a BBA student graduating this  September. She has chosen to continue her studies at BSL to master’s level in order to give herself the best possible chance at securing her future employment.

Safinaz has chosen to follow the Master in International Business (MIB) at BSL and would like to work in an international setting. Her interest in business has grown a lot during her BBA studies,  and she looks forward to starting her specialized master’s. “I really got interested in business because it expands your thinking,” she explains, “it has lots of options. Plus [the MIB] is international, I like to travel, to see the world and get to know new people, improve my communication skills, so I’m really positive about this program.”

Originally from Iran, Safinaz is confident that by getting her master’s degree she will get closer to achieving professional success. “I’m the kind of person who is concerned for the future and I set high levels for my achievement, some that I fail to achieve. I guess it’s a bit perfectionist.”

Apart from satisfying her own ambition to be successful, like many other people, Safinaz would especially like to make her parents proud. “My parents are the ones who have been encouraging me, supporting me, I really want to make them happy.”

The average age of the MIB students at BSL is 24, and the class is composed of recent bachelor graduates and individuals returning to study, generally after a short break or brief work experience. Safinaz looks forward to the new mix of students, with fresh motivation and focus. “I imagine they are going to be more serious [than at BBA level], which I really appreciate, more group work, collaboration between people in the class, I would be really grateful to see that.”

Upon completion of her MIB in 2014, Safinaz is tempted to stay here in Switzerland where her family is based. “It’s a really nice country, but I would like to go back to my country and to be efficient there, to be honest, to help my country improve and go further. I really wish for this.” Even though Safinaz would like to travel and explore her options, she doesn’t want to forget her roots. “ I don’t want to be one of those people who leave their country and don’t go back,” she says, “if I get the chance to go back there and do something that will benefit my country, I will go there, without hesitation.”

Like many of the foreign students who come to BSL to study, Safinaz comes from a country where the professional opportunities for women are limited. “It’s going to be hard as a woman to work there,” she admits, “there are going to be some obstacles and limitations. There’s a hierarchy, there’s a certain point and you can’t go further.”

With this same determination, Safinaz believes that her MIB degree will open many doors for her in the international job market. She hopes to find a job that will motivate her to go even further with her studies or even introduce a new field of interest in the future. “Many people say that I’m an ambitious person, that I’m determined to do what I want. I really hope they’re right, that I achieve that goal.” Not afraid of hard work or pressure, Safinaz feel that her experiences in her formative years in Iran have helped equip her for the new challenge.  “I don’t give up that easily. I never draw back, and now here I am, in Switzerland studying business!”

Safinaz says that her life experience until now have taught her to be more adventurous and open minded to new things, studying business being among these. She is happy about the way things are turning out for her. “ I don’t regret my choices up until now, at all. I hope that they will help me one day go back to my country and be helpful there.”