Message from the Dean

Welcome to Business School Lausanne, a boutique business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are situated in a unique area that is also chosen by many NGO’s, international company headquarters, universities, and the United Nations.

Our vision is to be a leading innovator in business education. What does this mean? BSL celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012 and looking back it becomes clear how much the concept of innovation in business education has evolved in the past two decades. Back in the late eighties, being a leading innovator in business education meant that we introduced ICT systems for our students and ensured that they had the professional skills needed to succeed in the business world verging on computerization. In the past decade, in order to be a leading innovator we have had to critically review what we as business schools do and how we educate our students. What was taught ten years ago has had to be re-adapted for a new generation of managers and leaders, integrating new concepts such as sustainability and the digitization of business. We now have to prepare to navigate their organizations through increasingly volatile times.

Looking forward into the coming decade, we see that our responsibility as a leading innovator in business education will be even more important. We must educate future leaders about the environmental, social and economic challenges ahead and the responsibility they have to society as business practitioners. Our challenge is also to educate businesses to evolve their products, services and solutions for a sustainable future of our planet. As a business school we strive to be a role model for sustainable stewardship. We engage in the public debate around a new and better economic system, where business is recognized for its contribution to society. We all need to walk the talk. Starting from business educators, through students to graduates, who become the business leaders around the world.

What makes BSL such an exciting place to work, learn and collaborate is that we are open to question ourselves; that we seek the dialogue with you in order to continue providing quality and innovative education. We choose to invest in new, alternative solutions to emerging problems rather than protecting the status quo of a system that we consider broken.

We invite you to join us with your creative energy, your fresh perspective and your passion, to contribute with us to a world where all living beings can live well and within the limits of our planet.

Yours truly,

Dr. Katrin Muff



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